Get ready to have your mind blown.

Italy is one of the safest countries for celiac friendly travel!

I know, you are thinking I am possibly insane as it is the land of milk and honey, or the land of pasta and pizza, but it is actually a dream to vacation in Italy if you have Celiac or have a gluten intolerance.

Josh and I travelled to Italy in August of 2015 and it was amazing. As someone who has 2 degrees in Roman archaeology and history, I had been itching to go. As with any trip, I look ahead at all the places we can eat (thank you tripadvisor), and came across the AIC. This is the Italian Celiac Association, and on it they have a search bar which is just awesome for trip planning. You can type in the region you will be staying in and it will show you all the restaurants that have certified GF kitchens.


We spent our first week in Rome and saw all of the amazing sites. We also ate amazing food.

When we were near the coliseum we found a restaurant called Volare. It is a Sardinian restaurant and they assured me that they had gluten free pasta, and they spoke to me about the menu. One of the other benefits of Rome is that because it is such a tourist destination, almost all restaurants have someone that speaks English (even though you should brush up on your Italian a bit!).

We decided the rest of the week to eat at the same restaurant, La Soffita Renovatio. We had the same waiter each night, Massimilio, and we were comped free limoncello. They have a gluten free menu, dedicated fryer, etc. We cannot wait to go back. My husband and I both pine for the fried plate of assorted goodies, their pizza, and house wine. Be sure to check them out if you are ever in the area.