Pompeii was one of the best experiences my husband or I have ever had. We spent a total of three days in the amazing city, watching Vesuvius loom over us.


We stayed at a really nice B&B for our first two days called B&B Elena. It was a 5 minute walk to the ruins and about 10 minutes to the centre of downtown.


Over the course of our three days there we spent 2 days inside the ruins (and still did not see everything!), as well as hiked Mount Vesuvius.
When we visited Pompeii, I was in the course of completing my Master’s Degree from McGill University in Montreal in Roman history. I dedicated a large part of my thesis to the Temple of Isis, and honestly, the entire site was stunning. I really had no idea just how massive the site was. We decided to use a map of the site to strategically plan how to get to all of the things we really wanted to see (which for me was mainly my girl, Isis, goddess of the Nile). The temple was tiny but beautiful and was a really meaningful experience for me. To see something in person that you have read about for years and dedicated much of your time to analyzing in academia is an incredible feeling. Josh loved everything about the site too, and really enjoyed our hike up the volcano. One of the coolest experiences we had occurred while we were hiking. When we arrived the sky was clear and by the time we reached the peak, it began to fill with fog. The thunderstorm swiftly began and the noise of the thunder was slightly terrifying but awesome.

I had been anticipating Pompeii on our trip because prior to us arriving in Italy, I had read reviews about the restaurant called Osteria Da Peppino. The owner’s grandson was said to have celiac and therefore they could make nearly everything gluten free. Their English was not the best but when we arrived at the restaurant, it looked like someone’s home. We saw a family eating dinner and they waved us in. We were brought out back to a beautiful patio where the trees had grown overhead to make a canopy. It felt earthy and ancient as well as homey and welcoming.

On our first night we ordered the gnocchi (we ended up ordering this all 3 nights), a seafood pasta, and a ricotta dessert. We were blown away by the gluten free bread they brought to our table and then with each dish we were presented. It is what convinced us to return there as long as we were in Pompeii.

Over the course of the next few days, we ordered the ravioli, fresh seafood platter (it really was the freshest fish I had ever tasted), roasted veggie platter, and pumpkin and mushroom pasta. Everything was so incredibly delicious that when Josh and I play the “if you could have any food in the world right now” game, we almost always pick the food from this restaurant.

They were incredibly kind, and it is a magical experience. I hope if you go to Pompeii that you can experience it too.