Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Josh and I had the opportunity to travel to Tulsa in September of 2015 for the wedding of two of our friends. Neither one of us had been to Oklahoma before and it was a really cool experience.

At this time, I was still living in Montreal, and therefore flew from Montreal (via Chicago) to Tulsa where I would meet up with Josh who flew from Richmond (via Atlanta). One of the best things of stopping in the Chicago O’hare airport is that there is a Garrett Popcorn. So delicious. I got myself a bag (*cough* a few) bags of that and then boarded my next flight.

The Tulsa airport was nice. Not too small but very clean and quaint. I met up with my now husband and we made our way to our hotel. We stayed at the Courtyard Tulsa Downtown, it is in a really beautiful part of the city and pretty much close to everything. The room was a nice size and the bed was beyond comfy.

We weren’t going to be in town long so we decided that our first night there we would do a fancy dinner, and then a fun lunch the day of the wedding. For our dinner, we went to Juniper, where they were amazing at telling me what was safe for celiacs and those who are gluten intolerant.

I indulged in a carrot and sweet potato soup, as well as some ahi ahi tuna.

The next morning, we decided along with our friends, to go for a hike. There are not many mountains in the Tulsa area, and it seems we found the best spot. It was really beautiful, and when we finished our hike, we made our way to Andolini’s Pizzeria, where they were also great with gluten free.

We then headed back to our hotel, got dolled up, and made our way to hear our friends exchange their vows. Their ceremony was lovely, and the reception was equally great. It was across the street from our hotel. We were on the 41st floor and we had an awesome view of the Arkansas River.

Tulsa isn’t an overly tourist destination but I will say that if you have the chance to stop by, you definitely should.