Vermont Part II- Hinesburg & Burlington

Vermont Part II- Hinesburg & Burlington

The minimoon part of our trip was now over. We will eventually take a honeymoon once my green card is settled, but until then, we will always have Woodstock.

We made the drive from Woodstock to Burlington where we would meet with my family (yay, Grandma time), and then make the drive to the cabin that we would be staying in for the rest of our time in Vermont. The cabin was awesome. It is located on Lake Iroquois, and has a beautiful view of the water. It came fully equipped with kayaks, a canoe, and chairs if you just wanted to lounge around. The best part of the entire stay was being able to see my grandmother, who I had not seen in 5 months (the longest we have gone without seeing each other, ever). During our time at the cabin, we ventured into Shelburne and South Burlington for our dinners. Our first night we went to Folino’s, where we had wood fired pizzas (they were extra careful with mine, and the girl who took my order had celiac disease), and for our favorite dinner for part 2 of our trip, we went to Pauline’s Cafe.


We parted ways with my family on the Monday morning. We had time to kill before our 6 pm flight. We decided to hang out by the water a bit in the morning before making our way to Stowe.

The main reason to go in this direction is because it is in close proximity to the Ben and Jerry’s headquarters. For 4$/ person, you can get a really neat tour of the factory that comes with an ice cream tasting (they had allergy menus on hand, huzzah). The site itself is pretty big, there are fun things to do. You can pretend to be Ben and Jerry as well as take a fun trip to the Flavor Graveyard. We spent the rest of our day in Burlington, where we had lunch at Leunigs (so so good) before heading to the airport.


Prior to this trip, I had taken mini vacations to visit friends in the US, and traveled for friends’ weddings but never took a vacation where even though we saw a lot we basically just relaxed. Usually when we think of vacations we tend to think abroad, which there is nothing wrong with as the world is a magical place and we should of course aspire to see as much of it as we possibly can, but occasionally we forget what is close to us. Our own countries provide amazing backdrops, have really awesome scenery, and offer delicious food. Our entire trip was a massive success. Vermont was a green gem, and we really look forward to going back.