Vermont Part I- Montpelier & Woodstock

Vermont Part I- Montpelier & Woodstock

Josh and I essentially had a destination wedding. It was a destination for everyone except us (and two of our neighbors). My entire family living in Canada, and none of our family and friends living in Richmond, meant that everyone was travelling to the wedding. As with all destination weddings, this meant that not everyone count attend. The most important person missing (for me) was my grandmother.
She is essentially the coolest woman. She loves Game of Thrones, books and the show (yes, she has read them all multiple times, and is waiting for the next one. Get on it GRRM), she is the best baker, and she is honestly the best grandmother. Josh won the lottery of grandma’s when he married me because he now gets to share her.

Due to insurance costs being too high and Richmond being too far from Northern Quebec, she unfortunately had to miss our wedding. We did find a way to make sure she was involved, and thanks to my awesome friend James, we were able to skype her. She got to watch the entire thing.

So what we decided to do was take a trip to Vermont. The first few days of our trip would be what I started labelling as our “minimoon”, and the last part would be spent with my family aka grandma time.  Burlington is 2.5 hours away from Montreal, so it seemed like a pretty good meet spot.

We flew from Richmond via Philadelphia into the Burlington airport, and began our trip. We booked a rental car through National and got a pretty sweet new Nissan Altima. We decided for the first part of the day that we would drive to the capital Montpelier and have lunch, as well as look around a bit.

We had lunch at an Italian restaurant called Sarducci’s. They had a gluten free menu and it was right on the water.

We wandered around Montpelier for about an hour. It has an incredibly cute main street, some awesome old mansions, nice churches, and cute cafes.



From Montpelier we made our way to Woodstock, the highlight of the minimoon. When researching places in Vermont, Josh and I both came across this town and decided independently that we needed to visit it. We decided we would stay at the Kedron Valley Inn, and it was an excellent choice. The Inn is about 10 minutes past the actual town and is nestled in a more rural area. We decided that we would have our dinner at the property that night and it was delicious. The staff working that night, a lovely lady named Laura, also assured me what was safe for me to eat, and I greatly appreciated it.



The next day, we wandered around the town which was incredibly charming. We had breakfast at the inn (which was included), and then had a coffee at Mon Vert Cafe. Historically, the Billings family ($$$) lived close by and after a marriage with the Rockafeller’s, they created a trust for the town. The town continues to use this trust for upkeep, and this has made it a little bit of a tourist destination. There is a national park right by the town where the mansion of the family and their farm are open for tours. We had lunch at the Woodstock Inn and Resort for a nice break after walking around for a few hours. All of the buildings are charming. There is a wooden covered bridge, stone churches, and wonderful stores (be sure to check out the general store!). We rounded out our day by having dinner at the Prince and the Pauper, where they tell everyone before they come in that they need to disconnect- no phones in the dining room. The restaurant was lovely, the staff was great, and the food was fantastic. The desserts were out of sight, overall, it was a perfect minimoon. We are counting days until we can go back to Woodstock. If you are ever in the area, or simply looking for somewhere to go for a few days, Woodstock is an amazing choice.